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– Credits –

“We Bought a Zoo”
Performed by Jónsi
From the (titular) Motion Picture Soundtrack:

Content and co-editing: Madison Goldman

All but one clip chosen from YouTube.

There are a few clips that were taken from
some incredible sources:

Follow the natural birth of Nat and Wes’
first daughter:

Isabella lives with Autism and as a child already
unable interpret the world, meltdowns
are very common. Her mother, Helena, manages
very well and you can see that here:

Tim and Addison, the featured gay couple, talk
about their relationship, their path to fatherhood
and share advice for those just starting the journey:

That’s MY mother and I there, in the final clip.
For whom without, this video would not exist.

Thank you to all who helped make this possible.
Perhaps, even, without your knowing.