When we raised our glasses to the end of 2016 we were hopeful. Skeptical as humans are but relentlessly hopeful as we always will be while we welcomed 2017. I’ve felt an overwhelming sigh of defeat as we look back on the “wake of the last 365 days” as if, perhaps, we feel as we’ve made little progress. Well, we’ve not made much. However, we will always feel that defeat if we perpetually look back at what little progress has been made and dread the mass amount of progress we have yet to make when compared to the scope of what humanity has accomplished in many, many lifetimes.

We owe it to ourselves to take the time to look back at the end of our days, our months and our years and take pride in what little or what great accomplishments we actually have made. It is a disservice to our friends our families and to our own self beings to consistently question whether our efforts were enough. When we start to doubt our very little progress, we start to doubt if we will ever make it.

We need to love more and more what minute progress we make in our own efforts each and every moment. We need to love more and more what small progress we make in our own efforts each and every day. We need to love more and more what little time we have spent putting back into the work we do to support ourselves and our families. We we need to love more and more the moments we spend volunteering our time to help our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours, our strangers, our homeless… ourselves…

We need to take a moment to stop and realize how much we actually do. We need to embrace the idea that “it is not how little the things we do and the impact they have on the cause of the matter”. We need to embrace the LOVE for WHAT we do and have confidence that it will have some form of a longing, positive effect.

So I implore that you LOVE what you do for yourself and for others. FEAR not how little it affects yourself or them. KNOW that if you continue to be fearless in your efforts and take pride in your attempts that you are damn sure to make a change, even in yourself at a minimum.

We all know how the basic equation goes. If you can make one change, ONE CHANGE, that change affects everything.

Fear less, love more.

Lots of love and here’s to twenty-eighteen and a year more serene,
Kevin Goldman