The BIG BOX department store TARGET recently asked me for my feedback, via online survey, about my recent visit. As an avid and adoring TARGET customer, I was more than elated to comply. Here is what I offered in my final words: 

Target is always the "target" (pun truly not intended) of my shopping experience. The brand tries really well to incorporate all aspects of one's soft and hard purchases. Soft being regular daily and weekly staples albeit toiletries, groceries and beauty supplies to name a few. Hard being electronics, clothing and basic furniture. I shop at my local branch, not specifically, weekly but definitely about 6-8 times per month. My average sale is approximately $35-$70 while a couple monthly sales may be between $100 and $150. Target cannot be the king of big box department stores because where I find it lacking and when I find I need two trips for some staples is with Target's grocery selection. First and foremost it is fantastic. However, it is limited in inventory and quantity and hence cannot compete with a grocery chain. It pairs very well (in my opinion) with Sprouts and/or Trader Joe's. The lack of inventory and quantity is not a "no go" for me as I do pick up a few basic staples from time to time (almond milk, eggs, spices/hot sauce) and varying other "regularly available items". Produce is limited and I would love to see a broadened produce and "meats" selection.

Look... you guys are doing SMASHING at what you do. I adore you. Keep up the good work and hopefully, you'll get more feedback with surveys. My opinion? Stop offering $5 coups with prescriptions (unless that's a CVS thing) and start offering $5 for surveys. I'm not looking for free money but you're looking for valued surveys and opinions. If you want the people to let YOU know what needs to go/change/stay... value their opinions.

BAM! There you go, TARGET. I love you.