I wanted to share some of the moments we captured when making Michael’s (my brother’s) birthday gift. This was definitely a process, days in the making and the photoshoot itself was about 45 minutes. 

It’s not only an homage to my brother and our parent’s son but also to “Calvin and Hobbes” and, of course, Bill Watterson.

Here is the final result by us for Michael, compared to the original by Watterson:

We had a terrific time taking these pictures. I set up a little rig for us to utilize. It consisted of a table with a “cheat sheet” for the faces we would have to use as well as a mirror for us to mimic the faces on. Then the camera on a tripod as well as a forward facing screen so that the subject could see the most recent shot of themself and make a comparison to the “cheat sheet” and physically in the mirror.

I’ll close with some of my favourites: