Magic exists.

I promise you.

AND, if you know me then you’ll know I don’t make promises.

But magic does exists.

It’s not illusions, sleight of hand, smoke or mirrors.


It’s music.

And as I previously mentioned, if you know me,
you’ll know I communicate through music.

I love, laugh, cry, hurt, melt, drown, and live through music.

Music has some incredible power.

It can turn a frown.

It can make a moment.

It’s an incalculable, priceless art that connects people and that…
THAT makes me smile.

And you know what?

It brings me hope.

So you see?

Magic is real.

Now a little treat for you. Here is “Particle Man”
Performed by They Might Be Giants
Why? Because a smile costs nothing.

Episode of Tiny Toons: Season 1 Episode 51
Director: Steven Spielberg
Production company(s): Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Entertainment
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Song Writer(s): John Flansburgh and John Linnell
Label: Elektra