Boy, the places I’ve been,
and the questionable things I have seen.
Are we still in hopes of a scene so serene?

With violence and hatred that’s spreading us thin,
it’s growing harder and harder to feel like we’ll win,
leaving some of us wondering “what is still sin”?

We’re “educated” on who causes us terror,
while neglecting to learn that the “news” causes error,
yet what do you see when you look in the mirror?

Have you started to see an unrecognizable face?
questioning yourself on “why we have ‘race’ “,
while remembering the fear in us, still hard to erase.

No longer watching or reading on who we’ve just killed,
knowing that those who we trust to be skilled,
run a government in which, to us, those killings are billed.

For years we’ve pleaded “peace in the Middle East”,
when what we should be pleading, for us to be at ease,
is empathy, compassion, understanding and love, PLEASE!

I’ve grown weak of us wanting our “sister and brother”,
in an attempt to learn how to love one another,
when all we need is to respect those as we would our mother.

This is no easy feat but a considerable plan,
and I refuse to believe that “I am but one man”,
because divided we fall and united we stand.

What I want is a place that is filled with love,
even those that believe there is something above,
know that peace will not come from a single white dove.

At times it’s hard to play on the same team,
we’d rather not converse when it’s easier to scream,
but if we all play together this will no longer be a dream.

So toil and labour and suffer and slave,
and remember it’s to love, a road that we’ll pave,
because after all we end up in the exact same grave.

Boy, the places I’ve been,
and the questionable things that I have seen.
For another Dr. Seuss dream… I’d be keen.

This is, in part, dedicated to my friend, Kayla Poehner.