“I have taken out my Invisaline… and THIS is the Album”

“AHAHAHAHAHAH” – Both Billie and Finneas.

I had NO idea who this young girl was. I knew she was incredibly popular and there was a part of me (when you get older) that initially wanted/needed to ignore and dispose of the idea of her message.

I was wrong.

I was familiar with “When the Party’s Over”  for a while. 

Then I watched the video… GAWD… I loved it. I was fascinated and wanted more.

She’s (Billie) and an INCREDIBLE artist.

On a business trip in Seattle, from the train into downtown and all over, I listened to the entirety of that album.

Good, lord… I was enamoured. It was the perfect soundtrack. A beautiful and broken soundtrack to a beautiful and seemingly broken city.

The bounce and resolve of a huge city followed up with the most rampant homelessness I have ever seen.

Billie is a force. That album became my Seattle soundtrack.

Every time I hear that whisper of her lyrics… I am reminded of her and Seattle’s outstanding magic.

Thanks, Billie.