The new commercial for the makeup (it’s actually shampoo) product at TARGET is blowing up online. More so because everybody is in love with the song they have been using for their commercial. The artist is Max Fry featuring Ali Fry. Their song is called “Overwinter”.

One of the issues is that EVERYONE wants to know the lyrics. AS DO I! I have posted Max Fry’s SOUNDCLOUD version of the song below. Then, Just below that, I have posted my best interpretation of my version of the lyrics with “****” replacing the bits that I cannot interpret. 

EDIT: I contacted Max Fry and he was happy to offer the lyrics. YAY!

Here is “Overwinter”:


I found, the beach in the winter
gloom fog’s, got to follow me there
just like, my heart picked for pleasure
salted, wind captures still air.

Standing, where the waves meet the sand
dancing, blue waters never end
halting, take a deep breath and jump in
and swim…