Madison (and so many, MANY young women),

Somehow I found myself in the midst of SDSU. It’s women’s rush week for 2018. It’s absolutely FLOODED with young women. It’s overwhelming and powerful all the same. I don’t completely understand the whole “frat rush” thing. More importantly… I’m seeing all these young women that are, seemingly, excited, prideful, emotional and equally confused as they lean on the cusp of a moment of their lives that is irrevocably poised to, potentially, shape them into the women they will become. These will be our mothers, our wives, our home makers, our partners and our caregivers but only second. First, these will be our future politicians, physicists, civil rights leaders, Presidents, Senate leaders, Doctors of many disciplines and so… EVER so much more. It goes without saying that, still, today exist walls, boundaries, limitations and restraints that these women will face oppenly “protected” under the guise of cleverly written and suggestive rules and regulations. It’s shameful but so many people do so little and wait or hope that “soon it will change”. Now by no means do I intend pressure upon you or know what your future holds. However, you’re a part of this movement that will, even by a single lifetime, create the friction needed to make that change. I could not be more proud of anyone more than I am proud of you at this very moment. You have a determination and tenacity that is worth what will be paved before you as you lead a small part of our world into the years to come. 

I’m incredibly proud of you. As hard as it may seem sometimes the time you invest in this lifetime is worth it’s weight in gold and you’ll leave more than just a milestone in Mother Earth’s travels.