“So, who are you?”, you’re asking.

Professional geek, accidental photographer, writer, film attempter, avid Dad joker and all around people lover.

Allow me to introduce myself:

Hi there! I’m Kevin, Kevin Goldman. Like SPIDERman but GOLD. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. We call it Jo-burg. It is truly a lovely country and colourful city. Little fun fact? I use the letter “u” in words like colour, favourite and neighbour because I was taught to speak, read and write utilizing the Queen’s English. That all happened while attending King Edward’s Preparatory School (go house Grimmer). That’s right, Grimmer. We had teams and we were confusingly pitted against each other in ridiculous races that once had me running in my father’s over-sized trainers (that’s “brit” for tennis shoes).

A lot of other things happened and then we moved here to the states in 1987. Now, I reside in San Diego, California and am a professional geek. I’m a writer as well as an accidental photographer and film attempter. I also suffer from clinical depression and anxiety, this website is a medium to help combat those little buggers.

Hey, that’s pretty much what I look like up there.

Feel free to drop me a line.


“Just what the bloody
hell is going on here?”
                                 – You

I know you’re a little confused. It’s quite simple, really. I reached a point in my life where I found myself saying, “Why the hell not?” So I just started doing more and thinking less.

I plan on having some video series, photography as well as sharing stories of my struggles with depression and anxiety and the methods and mediums I use to cope.

“But of what, who, where, Kevin?”

Me, silly… me. NO, I kid. Of YOU! Of places I travel to, people I love, ideas I love as well as events, music and shows I see. I would tousle your hair right now if I could. Just check back frequently, there will be weekly updates at a minimum. Also, look at those neat little icons at the top. You can follow me various ways. *wink*

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 “Because, honestly, why the hell not?”
                                                                 – Me

Yep… that is why. You can directly quote me on that.